Physiotherapy For Knee Pain

May 05, 2019

We recently came across this question and we are happy to answer you. “I am 59 years old and suffer joint pain in both…


Benefits of Pilates for Older Adults

May 05, 2019

For older adults, the body experiences a lot of changes. Keeping fit is especially important but it can be a bit difficult for them….


Why is Myofascial Release Important for Good Health?

May 05, 2019

Fascia – the new buzzword in the exercise and medical industry. But what exactly is it, and should we all be paying more attention…


Chiropractic And Physiotherapy In Singapore: Which One Is Right For Me?

May 05, 2019

The first step to getting relief from your pain is finding out what type of medical profession to seek. Therefore, one has to understand…


Men Should Hit the Pilates Studio Too

May 05, 2019

A lot of myths have been thrown back and forth about Pilates being a feminine exercise. Most people believe that it is only for…


When Should I Send My Child to See a Sports Physiotherapist?

May 05, 2019

There are a couple of physiotherapy programs in Singapore. But what differentiates them all? Maybe you are a parent and your kid decided to…


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