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The Leading Provider of Private Pilates for Rehabilitation and Functional Movement

Pilates is an effective low-impact workout for any age and fitness level. It can be beneficial for overall strengthening and improving mobility, whether you are an active athlete or an older adult. With regular practice, it creates long, strong muscles and movement with ease and grace.

Pilates personal training can also be used for rehabilitating an injury or chronic stiffness in your body. Our instructors will customise a rehabilitation Pilates program to ensure you do not re-injure yourself or overcompensate using another muscle group too much. You will be guided to safely modify exercises as well as track your progress to know when you are ready to add on more variations and be challenged further.

The best way to learning Pilates on a private 1-on-1 basis, as it allows your instructor to tailor a training program to target your issues. Whether it is improving body awareness, correcting posture alignment or core strengthening, the exercises to be modified in their range of difficulty from beginner to advanced. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions itself and adapts to the exercises. Our Pilates instructors are also experienced in working with the senior population in their 60s, 70s and even 80s!

At Core Fitness, Pilates instructors work closely with the physiotherapist team to discuss client’s case to design a rehab Pilates program exclusively to meet your goals. We take time to assess and understand the dysfunctions in your movement, and train your body to move with less effort. The result is a body free from stiffness and aches.

  • Dedicated Personal Trainer for Pilates

  • Rehabilitation for Injury Recovery
  • Build Powerful Movement Habits

  • Prehabilitation to Prevent Injuries and Pains

  • Change Your Sitting and Walking Posture

  • Improve Physical and Mental Wellbeing

  • Pilates Program Exclusively Curated for You

  • No Distractions, No Competition

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