Delivering Impact to People’s Lives

We Believe in Active Rehab and Proactive Wellness for Transformational Change

Core Fitness is a wellness-focused centre that uses a combination of physiotherapy and specialty Pilates to help people get back to doing what they love to do.

Our mission is to deliver impact by educating healthy, sustainable movements and promoting proactive self-care. Through a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach of physiotherapy, specialty Pilates and bodywork therapy, we combine a hands-on and active application to injury rehab and preventive care.

Our treatment programs are highly effective and evidence-based – everything we do is carefully designed to get you back to your optimal physical function, without pain or injury.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing pain from degenerative diseases or want to increase strength and do something good to your physical and mental wellbeing, the Core Fitness team will help you get there.