Most of the pain developed in our body comes from postural dysfunction or faulty movement patterns. Even though you go for a physiotherapy treatment, sometimes the results just do not last long. This is because we only alleviate the symptoms but without actually treating the root cause of the injuries. With prolonged poor sitting and standing postures, our deep “core” and abdominal muscles become dysfunctional and we begin to overload the spine.

Pilates can be beneficial in many ways in the rehabilitation programme. But traditional Pilates exercises are highly physicial and challenging and may not be suitable for clients with injuries. Under the supervision of our Pilates-trained physiotherapists, most of Pilates exercises can be modified according to client’s condition. It is generally safe for our clients to reap the benefits of Pilates without causing any further injuries.

This is what we do when you are under treatment with a Pilates-trained physiotherapists:

Step One

Eliminate pain and discomfort with physiotherapy skills including joint and spinal mobilization, soft tissue release, neural tissue mobilization, ultrasound etc.

Step Two

Correction of faulty body alignment and faulty movement patterns. Once the correction is achieved, re-education of correct movement awareness is implemented.

Step Three

Core awareness and strength training, combining with Pilates movements which help to improve spine mobility, whole body strength and control, joint stability etc. The goal of the third step is to help our clients achieve their fitness goal. This step is usually done by our Pilates instructors who work closely with our physiotherapists.

“ Have been very happy with my physiotherapist’s attention and consideration with my various physical shortcomings. My treatment sessions are always focused, never boring and stretches the goals for me. ”– Cynthia Koh, 56

Price for Private Physio-Pilates Sessions


  • New Client Promo** – $95
  • Single Session – $145
  • 5 Sessions package – $700
  • 10 Sessions package – $1,350

** Only for the first session of a new client. T&C applies.