Group Class Description

Reformer Level 1

These highly instructive classes are designed for those new to Pilates. It introduces the fundamental Pilates technique in an intimate, safe and enjoyable group setting. The exercises taught in this class emphasises on the key Pilates principles: Breathing, Control, Alignment and Elongation.

Reformer Level 2

These classes are designed for those who are looking for a Pilates workout which challenges your body strength and control. In these classes, instructors introduce exercises in different range and direction which helps improve spinal mobility and control, in addition to building core strength and muscle flexibility. It is recommended that you have at least completed 5 to 10 Reformer Level 1 classes before joining Level 2 classes.

Reformer Level 3

These classes are fun and effective, which provide quick internal and external results for experienced Pilates practitioners. These are classes that integrate all the principles learnt from Reformer Level 1 to Level 2. Get ready to work up a sweat in this fun filled classes as the instructor tunes up the speed, rhythm and resistance of exercises. It is recommended that you have at least completed 10 Reformer Level 2 classes before joining this class.

Mat Pilates Multi-Level

Mat class works your body against gravity and challenges proprioception. It incorporate small props, such as Theraband, Pilates ball, Pilates arc and Magic circle, to increase the diversity of your Athletic Pilates workout. These classes use the props to challenge your core muscles to achieve a full body workout, focus on whole body strength, balance and flexibility.

Scoliosis Management

This class is designed for clients with scoliosis. We integrate Schroth method exercises with Pilates movement to maximize the effect of treatment for scoliosis. The goal of this class is to elongate the trunk and correct imbalances of spine, develop the inner muscles of the rib cage to change the shape of the upper trunk and correct spinal abnormalities. The exercises are tailored to each patient’s curves and can be done at home and as part of daily life. Once the patient is proficient with the exercises it will help halt curve progression, eliminate pain, and improve posture – for life.
*Pre-requisite: Aat least 3 to 5 private 1-to-1 sessions before joining Class.

Pre-Natal Pilates

Pre-Natal Pilates class is specially designed to accommodate the anatomical changes and joints stress during pregnancy. Our classes are carefully planned to target specific muscles weakened or tighten from postural changes during pregnancy while strengthening & stretching the body. Exercises performed on the Reformer provides support and controlled movement for the body, using a system of springs, straps and pulleys which is the perfect way to exercises during pregnancy. With fine-tuned spring resistance, the Reformer allows precise work to develop good alignment, core strength and flexibility safely. The session will be equipment (reformer, springboard) and mat (ball, theraband etc) based and the group session will be kept to a maximum of 5 persons. Our aim is to provide a stimulating and challenging class yet staying within safety limits of pregnancy.
You must be at least 12 weeks (3 months) pregnant and obtain an exercise prescription from your gynaecologist before joining the class.