Senior Pilates Instructor

Scoliosis | Pre & Post-Natal

Services by Amelia:

  • Private Pilates
  • Pilates for Scoliosis
  • Pre & Post-Natal Pilates

Amelia Lee


Polestar Pilates Studio Certified (2013)
Polestar Pilates Mat Certified (2012)
Pre/Post Natal Pilates Specialist Certified, The Centre for Women’s Fitness
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

CoreAlign® Level 1 Trained


Amelia started practicing Pilates to improve her posture and to relieve lower back discomfort from scoliosis. She enjoyed how it improved her physical fitness and created an increased body awareness in movement. The emphasis in Pilates on moving in a precise and controlled manner also strongly appealed to her and she decided to take up the Polestar Pilates instructor training course in 2011. Amelia appreciates how Pilates exercises can be adapted to each individual’s need, be it to increase strength and flexibility or to restore functional movement in a more rehabilitative manner. As a Pilates instructor, she looks forwards to positive changes in her clients’ physical fitness and hopes many others will benefit from Pilates.


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