Karine Weyland

Karine Weyland
Rehab Pilates Instructor
STOTT Pilates Level 1 & 2 Mat and Reformer Certified
STOTT Pilates Level 1 Cadillac, Chair & Barrel
Certified State Diploma in Physiotherapy (BSc equivalent)
Pre/Post-Natal Pilates Specialist Certified, The Centre for Women’s Fitness

Karine joins Core Fitness Physiotherapy & Pilates Center, bringing with her 6 years of experience in the health industry as a physiotherapist and STOTT Pilates instructor. Karine was first introduced to the Pilates Method while studying modern dance at “Centre Artístico de Dança”, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. Her fascination for movement led her to pursue a Physiotherapy degree. Upon completion of her Physiotherapy degree, she travelled to Canada to study with some of the most renowned STOTT Pilates master trainers. Armed with her Physiotherapy degree and convinced that Pilates and rehabilitation are interconnected, Karine started to build up her own clientele in Nantes, France, developing personalized programs for her clients. She witnessed firsthand the transformative power of combining these 2 disciplines on herself and her clients. She can conduct a slow session focusing on detailed care of the body, or a dynamic, rhythmic session challenging even the most athletic body types. Her professional, warm, friendly demeanour and good communication skills are qualities that make new clients feel instantly comfortable and safe around her. A seasoned traveller, she readily interacts with people from different cultures, and is comfortable teaching in French and English. Karine’s passion for expanding her knowledge is relentless, and she returns to Canada on an annual basis to participate in additional STOTT Pilates training courses.