Sports Massage

Reduce Muscle Soreness After Sports and Exercise

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What is Sports Massage?

If you are currently engaging in some form of sports or activity, you are most likely familiar with the joint pain, muscle fatigue and soreness that comes with the territory. Sometimes, these may even develop into recurring issues over time and the sport you love can end up hurting or restricting you in daily life. Today, Sports Massage – a potent combination of the relaxation created by a traditional Swedish massage with the penetrative power of deep tissue techniques, has wide applications for the general public and in particular, everyday athletes and gym warriors as well as professional athletes who lead an active lifestyle and would be able to reap its benefits by including it in their arsenal.

  • Release of the tension around muscles that are stressed or overused

  • Enhanced flexibility and performance

  • Removal of lactic acid and other waste products

  • Accelerated muscle recovery

  • Reduced discomfort from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

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