Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Health & Ergonomics Programs

Corporate healthcare and ergonomics are extremely important for business. Poor working station setup will lead to hidden dangers for the employees. Poor posture and repetitive movements can lead to back problems, chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other physical and mental issues among your workforce.

At Core Fitness, we have a highly experienced team to help your company improve the working environment and the general health of employees. We will evaluate your workplace and the employee workstations for optimal ergonomics to prevent chronic injuries.  Our expert corporate team will provide advice and solutions to create a safer, healthier and more efficient working environment.

We offer several customised solutions for corporate healthcare and ergonomics:


1. Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

This is an assessment of employees’ work station, identify any hidden dangers which may   lead chronic injuries. We will provide advice and recommendations. This package is suitable for work station/ department tends to have employees with chronic issues or injuries.

2. Health Talks

Our health talks provide the knowledge of injury prevention, self-managed exercises to reduce chronic pain, proper workstation setup and education on posture. It is a good way to educate the workforce in your company to prevent injury and improve work efficiency.

The health talks can be customised to suit the needs of your company.

3. Staff Wellness Program

Our staff wellness program is led by our highly trained instructors to provide exercise programs to your employees. We can customise the exercise program to suit the needs of your employees.

We have the following exercise program which works well for corporate employees:

  • Neck and shoulder tension release program
  • Spine health mobility program
  • Pilates toning program

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“I am happy with both of my personal trainers for Pilates and Gyrotonic. They are excellent.”
- Tyas Ang, 51
“The Scoliosis Management lessons have helped relieve by back, shoulder aches and prevents my spine curvature from getting worse. It has taught me how to elongate my spine which helps in my posture.”
- Lee Kah Yan, 14
“The studio is very relaxed and welcoming.”
- Jane Herron