Therapeutic Massage


What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage is a modality enabling the therapist to identify restrictions and adhesions in the tissues which may result in injury, spasms or impaired mobility. The techniques used include long sweeping strokes, and lifting, squeezing and rolling of tissues which are applied in a methodical and rhythmic manner to elicit relaxation and assist with the flushing of tissue waste. These are coupled with trigger point and myofascial techniques depending on the clients’ needs.


  • Reduce Chronic Pain: helps break the “pain spasm” cycle whilst reducing muscle tightness and improving blood flow to tissues
  • Post-Operative Care: helps reduce recovery period and speeds up elimination of anesthetic, as well as reducing pain and stiffness associated with operation
  • Health Maintenance and Health Promotion: promotes general tissue health and health awareness
  • Pre/Post-Event Sport Participation: improves performance and recovery and reduces the likelihood of serious injury
  • Reduce Stress: helps relieve muscular tension and encourages general relaxation
  • Improve Posture: increase muscle tone to support joints in the body for better posture

What to Expect During a Session

As every client and her needs differs from day to day, an individualised approach is taken. Our therapist will do a short consultation and movement assessment prior to each session to identify the cause of discomfort so that the best and most efficient approach can be taken.

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Price for Therapeutic Massage
    • 60 min Session – $155
    • 90 min Session – $230

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Physiotherapy / Physio-Pilates Treatment
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“I am happy with both of my personal trainers for Pilates and Gyrotonic. They are excellent.”
- Tyas Ang, 51
“The Scoliosis Management lessons have helped relieve by back, shoulder aches and prevents my spine curvature from getting worse. It has taught me how to elongate my spine which helps in my posture.”
- Lee Kah Yan, 14
“The studio is very relaxed and welcoming.”
- Jane Herron