Physiotherapy Singapore

Our physiotherapy clinic will resume normal operations from 2 June 2020.

Please see our Safe Management measures implemented in the clinic here.

How are we different from other Physiotherapy clinics?

We are not only treating your symptoms (pain, stiffness, misalignment etc.), but also finding the root cause of your problem. We take time to assess your pain or injury. Our physiotherapists have extensive knowledge in physiotherapy manual therapy skills, movement analysis and functional training. We treat the root cause of your problem and help you to achieve your fitness goal eventually. Initial consultation typically lasts 45 minutes to one hour.

Our experienced physiotherapists prescribe the necessary manual therapies and movement therapy to help patients manage their injury and bring them back to function. If indicated, we do prescribe electrotherapy to help with swelling and pain.

In addition to treating the immediate problem, we focus on prevention. We educate our patients, in an accessible and enjoyable way, to understand their body and be a full partner in the recovery process, while working to prevent recurrence of injury.

Sis Uma I want to sincerely thank you for introducing CJ to me. Now she’s on maternity her cover Max is also very good. He has helped me a lot in my recovery…. the pain so much more manageable and I’m walking stronger now. Thanks so much 🙏🏻💖very grateful!

– Low Swee Fun

Singapore physio

Myofascial Release

Neural Mobilisation

Dry Needling

Pain Management

Ultrasound, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, radiofrequency treatment

Manual Joint Mobilisation/Manipulation
Mckenzie method, Mulligan joint mobilisation

Taping and Bracing
Sports taping, Kinesio taping

Movement Therapy
Pilates, Gyrotonic, rehabilitative exercises

I am much fitter, straighter and flexible. Pain is gone, thanks to the caring Core Fitness team.

– Ang Siew Tin, 58

Degenerative condition
Osteoarthritis, cervical, lumbar spondylosis, etc
Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation
ACL, meniscus, Total knee replacement, rotator cuff repair, etc
Sports Injuries
Patella tendinopathy, Rotator cuff tear, Ankle Sprains & Strains, etc
Combined with Schroth’s method principles to assess and treat adolescents and adults
Women’s Health Issues
Pre and post-natal conditions such as incontinence, diastasis rectus, mastectomy, pelvic floor dysfunction
Chronic Postural and Work-Related Pain


If you are suffering from any of these painful conditions, our well-trained Physiotherapists can help you get back your normal life with effective pain relief solutions.

Price for Physiotherapy Treatments


  • Single Session – $155 / $165*
  • 5 Sessions package – $750 / $800*
  • 10 Sessions package – $1,450 / $1,550*

* Session led by a Senior Physiotherapist.

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Clinical Pilates Instructor
Scoliosis Specialist



Clinical Pilates Instructor



Clinical Pilates Instructor



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Scoliosis Specialist




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Physiotherapy / Physio-Pilates Treatment
Scoliosis Management
Private Pilates Session
Private Gyrotonic Session
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“I am happy with both of my personal trainers for Pilates and Gyrotonic. They are excellent.”
- Tyas Ang, 51
“The Scoliosis Management lessons have helped relieve by back, shoulder aches and prevents my spine curvature from getting worse. It has taught me how to elongate my spine which helps in my posture.”
- Lee Kah Yan, 14
“The studio is very relaxed and welcoming.”
- Jane Herron