1-on-1 Pilates Session

Quality Pilates Training
Beside quality treatments, Core Fitness Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre also offers Group Fitness Pilates training for beginners to advanced level Pilates enthusiasts. For those accustomed to privacy and individualized training, private Pilates sessions are available. Our certified Pilates instructor are well-trained in fitness and rehabilitation Pilates. We strive to maintain our high quality teaching by holding continuing education and internal staff training regularly. We provide supervised fitness and rehab Pilates classes to suit different needs and fitness levels.

Try a session with our experienced instructors at $85 for private session and $25 for group session. 

How Pilates Benefits You

The primary goal of Pilates is to develop good core muscle strength (i.e. the deep abdominal wall and intrinsic spinal muscles). Pilates improves body awareness and body alignment, its strength and endurance, and its spinal and muscle flexibility. Strong core muscles and good body control allow your body to move efficiently, thus lowering the risk of overuse or injury to your joints and muscles.

“ I am happy with the service provided, the trainers are all very professional, friendly and helpful.  ”

Pilates A Workout for Everyone

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany in 1920s as a rehabilitation programme for prisoners of war, but it quickly became popular as a low impact, but extremely effective body workout. It is gentle enough for the elderly, yet challenging for the athletes. It is a programme that works for everyone.

The modern Singapore Pilates studio uses a variety of sophisticated exercise machines such as the Reformer, Pilates Chair, Trapeze table and Barrel to stretch and strengthen the whole body from the core to the extremities. Most public gyms offer only Matwork Pilates (i.e. without machines). At Core Fitness Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre, we teach largely equipment-based Pilates. Matwork Pilates serves as a complement.

Fitness Pilates Group Classes

Pilates is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Pilates is ideal for overall body toning, postural alignment, and improving the body’s flexibility, energy flow as well as blood circulation. Fitness Pilates classes can help you achieve that toned and slender physique.

We have more 30 classes a week for our clients to attend. Clients can choose the class based on their level of fitness. At Core Fitness, our focus is on ‘doing it right’ so we intentionally keep our group Fitness Pilates classes small, up to five for equipment class and eight for mat class. This ensures each student gets sufficient personal guidance from our Pilates instructors to do each set of exercises correctly.

Price for Private Pilates Sessions


  • New Client Promo** – $85
  • Single Session – $125
  • 5 Sessions package – $600
  • 10 Sessions package – $1,150

** Only for the first session of a new client. T&C applies.