Pilates Group Classes

Pilates Reformer Group Classes

Our Pilates group classes suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Pilates is ideal for overall body toning, postural alignment, and improving the body’s flexibility, energy flow as well as blood circulation. These Pilates classes are done on the Reformer machine or on the mat to help you achieve that toned and slender physique.

We have more 30 classes a week for our clients to attend. Clients can choose the class based on their level of fitness. At Core Fitness, our focus is on ‘doing it right’ so we intentionally keep our group Fitness Pilates classes small, up to five for equipment class and eight for mat class. This ensures each student gets sufficient personal guidance from our Pilates instructors to do each set of exercises correctly.

“ Core Fitness has helped me regain suppleness and strength. I like the fact that the class structure continually changes to ensure all parts of your body get a good work out. ”

“ The trainer is friendly and the small class size makes learning conducive. ”

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Specialised Pilates Group Classes

As one of the most established Physio-Pilates centre in Singapore, we also run specialised Pilates classes for rehabilitation purposes. All specialised classes are taught by our certified and experienced physiotherapists

Our specialised classes are:

  • Pre-natal Reformer

This specialised Pilates class focuses on strengthening the body to prepare for delivery and reducing common pain associated with a pregnant body.

  • Scoliosis Management

Our scoliosis management class combines the treatment principles from Schroth and Pilates methods which clients will learn the correct strategy to move your body, improve the core strength and awareness, improve the whole body strength to correct the curvature.

  • Pilates for Computer Posture

This class is designed for clients with tightness on the neck and upper back due to the prolonged use of computer. The goal of the class is to straighten and improve the mobility upper back, correct the forwarded head posture, building the awareness to maintain good alignment in sitting and standing.


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Price for Pilates Group Classes


  • Single Equipment Class – $55
  • 5 Equipment Classes – $240
  • 10 Equipment Classes – $450
  • Single Mat Class – $40
  • 5 Mat Classes – $165
  • 10 Mat Classes – $300

New Client Promo ** – $25
** Only for the first session of a new client. $25 waived if a package is purchased on the first visit.