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Edwin Yew

Gyrotonic Instructor

  • Gyrotonic Level 1 Trained
Edwin’s Bio

Edwin used to be in a sedentary job that caused him to develop neck, shoulders and upper/lower backaches. These pains also impacted his posture and got to be unbearable at the end of a working day. In an attempt to alleviate his back issues, he picked up Gyrotonic in 2019 and gradually began to feel its benefits in that he noticed increased strength, balance, flexibility and efficiency of movement. These naturally led to more mobility in his problematic areas and the ability to move without holding excessive tension.

Edwin’s mind-body approach to movement focuses on imparting a high quality of movement with good form before progressing clients to the next level and he aspires to share the unique body movement modality that is Gyrotonic with people from all walks of life.

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