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Mirko combines two passions – Fitness and Nutrition

Our senior Pilates instructor and nutrition Coach, Mirko Turla, is now available for Fitness and Nutrition coaching. Mirko brings together his two passions offering his expertise and energy to his clients. Mirko’s philosophy is that fitness and nutrition are not merely things that we ‘find time for’ in our busy schedules. Instead, they should be integrated into our daily lives even if it involves making changes “one small step at a time”. ‘Incorporating the proper fitness and nutrition regimen should be a gradual and intimate process – where the coach understands the client, designs a custom plan and builds upon it over time’.

Tailored programs to individual needs

Whether it is fitness or nutrition, customisation is at the heart of Mirko’s approach to clients. When first working with his clients, Mirko learns about their unique individual needs and uses a building block approach to challenge them with their fitness training or to advance them towards the right nutrition plan.

According to Mirko, “Just like in fitness, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ and each individual has very specific needs”. As a Nutrition Coach, his approach is to educate clients on how to eat whole food that is both natural and nutritious – but most importantly – how to eat what’s right for them’. Mirko uses a Paleo eating template when advising his clients, but importantly, he allows room for individual adaptations in his programs such as plant-based diets, food intolerance, allergies and personal food preferences.

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