Back pain is a common disorder in adults, frequently developed as a result of postural dysfunction or faulty movement patterns in our daily activities. With poor postural behaviour, our deep back and abdominal muscles become dysfunctional.

Studies have shown that combining physiotherapy treatment with the right exercise program is the most effective way to eliminate chronic back pain.

The Lower Back Care Program is for you if you:

  • Have lower back pain
  • Are keen to get back to your active lifestyle again without pain
  • Want to understand why your back hurts
  • Want to learn how to manage your back pain

The  Lower Back Care Program aims to:

  • Correct any poor movement habits and postures
  • Advice from our Physiotherapist on the possible reasons for the ongoing pain
  • Start at a very low level, and progress to managing your issues independently
  • Identify and alleviate any fear associated movements
  • Restore confidence in activities you enjoy
  • Improve muscle strength and flexibility, joint movement and balance of the whole body, not just the back

In every session, we encourage our clients to engage in active participation. Our Physiotherapist will work with you at the start to ensure the correct level of exercise is given, and gradually progress on. This program is run in a group class setting with a maximum of 5 participants.

Pre-requisite: Every client has to go through at least one physiotherapy session.

Come join us in our Lower Back Care Program and regain your active lifestyle! Call us now for more details.