Gyrotonic Exercise: Does It Work For You?

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GYROTONIC Exercise: Gyrotonic is a relatively unheard type of exercise in Singapore. It involves the motion concept from Yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai chi. The Gyrotonic exercise system stretches and strengthens muscles using flowing, circular motions, while strengthening connective tissues in and around the joints.

Benefits of Gyrotonic exercise

Physiotherapists in Singapore recommends gyrotonic exercise to complement patients’ recovery process because of its benefits.

Decompresses Joints

Gyrotonic exercise movements mimics movements of our daily life activities. It uses the body’s natural spiraling patterns to decompress and strengthen the joints and, especially the spine. It is believed that the spine is the origin and foundation of all movement in the body.

When there is too much tension accumulated in the spine, it usually leads to poor posture. This can affect the functions of the internal organs, which can cause poor digestion, as well as shallow breathing and fatigue. It puts strain on the body and causes key muscles in your core, hips and back to become weak while others get tight.

Self-Massage Through Movement

Gyrotonic is special in the way that it opens up the physical structure of the body while also facilitating awareness, physical ease, comfort and a connection to nature.

Experienced gyrotonic trainers in Singapore teach how to use a machine with weight and pulley system to guide the body in a circular, 3-dimensional motion to the point you feel like you are actually massaging yourself. Its three-dimensional movements can also help people regain elasticity. After a gyrotonic workout, the spine opens up and gets stronger, making you feel fresh and light on your feet, just like the feeling one has after having a full body massage.

Stress Management

According to a study in Singapore, stress and lack of physical activity are the top health issues facing workers. 56% of employers said that stress has affected many of their workers. 52% said they lack physical activity, while 32% said it is lack of sleep, and 24% are suffering from obesity.

Gyrotonic exercise is one way of stress management. It helps in the body’s movement by distributing a fluid flow throughout. The more the joints are in motion, the less stress there will be. By doing more joint mobilization exercises, one distributes forces equally in the body which results into less stress, more breathability, calmness and more power to the body.

Gyrotonic vs Pilates

Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise complement each other because they are both methods of complete mind and body movement. While the movements in Gyrotonic are much more circular and focuses on body integration using breathing techniques, Pilates is much more linear and focuses more on core strength, pelvic stability and building flexible muscles. Gyrotonic has a wide variety of techniques that can expound your capabilities.

Pilates and Gyrotonic are more similar in the way that they use machines. The two give a wide scope of activities according to resistance, ensuring maximum limits are reached within the body.

Both methods of exercise increase abdominal and pelvic strength, help maintain or increase spinal integrity, and are adaptable to all body types and levels of experience.

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