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Anatomy Trains Singapore

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

Education for Physiotherapists & Manual Therapists

This is Anatomy Train’s new core certification program: Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI – formerly known as KMI). The ATSI program is based on my development of Ida Rolf’s pioneering work, progressed for the electronic age.

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Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function
12 – 14 March 2020

Structural Essentials : Arches & Legs
16 – 18 March 2020

Structural Essentials : Fans of the Hip
8 – 10 October 2020

Structural Essentials : Abdomen, Breath & Chest
12 – 14 October 2020

Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function
3 – 5 December 2020

Structural Essentials : Tensegrity Spine
7 – 8 December 2020

Spinal Asymmetry & Scoliosis Essentials-1

8 – 10 May 2020
2.5 days(16 CE hours, PMA® pending)

Physical therapy plays an important role in scoliosis medical diagnosis and pain management. However that role is limited in its ability to help a client attain larger functional and movement goals. The PMME fills a gap and can be a part of the team for those who need time for movement education to address larger functional and quality of life issues.

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Gyrotonic Singapore

GYROTONIC® Pre-Training Course

(6 days course)

This course provides a foundational understanding of the Gyrotonic level 1 exercises and prepare students physically for the Gyrotonic Level 1 Foundation Course. During this course students focus on gaining experience, and developing a personal understanding of the exercises on the Pre-Training Course exercise list.

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This course can be taught on a 1:1 basis or as a group.



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