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Anatomy Trains Singapore

Structural Essentials: Arches & Legs

18- 20 October 2018

Underpinning all of our structure is the foot’s interaction with the ground, imbalances here clearly have consequences further up the body. Effective arch balance can be essential for easy and graceful walking. More info >>


Structural Essentials: Tensegrity Spine

22 – 23 October 2018

This course examines the spine as a tensegrity truss – how the bones float within the myofascial balance. Assessment and techniques for freeing and balancing the spine to address More info >>


More Anatomy Trains courses in 2019

Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function
25 – 27 April 2019

Structural Essentials : Shoulder and Arms
29 – 30 April 2019

Structural Essentials : Fans of the Hip
26 – 28 Sep 2019

Structural Essentials : Head, Neck and Jaw
30 Sep – 1 Oct 2019


GYROTONIC® Pre-Training Course

This course provides a foundational understanding of the Gyrotonic level 1 exercises and prepare students physically for the Gyrotonic Level 1 Foundation Course. During this course students focus on gaining experience, and developing a personal understanding of the exercises on the Pre-Training Course exercise list.

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