Reduce Muscle Soreness After Sports and Exercise

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Sports Massage

Improve blood flow before or after exercise to enhance performance, prevent injuries and speed up recovery

What is Sports Massage? 

If you are currently engaging in some form of sports or activity, you are most likely familiar with the joint pain, muscle fatigue and soreness that comes along with the territory. Sometimes, these may even develop into recurring issues over time and the sport you love can end up hurting you or restricting you in daily life. 


Today, Sports Massage has wide applications for the general public and in particular, anyone who leads an active lifestyle and would be able to reap the benefits of sports massage – the  enhanced flexibility and performance, the release of muscle tension and pain, the removal of lactic acid and other waste products, and the reduced discomfort from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It truly is, the not-so-secret weapon in every athlete’s arsenal. 

At Core Fitness, you will always receive your massage from Hayson, our trained and experienced massage therapist. His experience coupled with that from being both a senior Pilates instructor and more significantly, a certified Rolfer (aka Structural Integrator), means he has a wealth of knowledge regarding the body’s systems and myofascial structures and can apply said knowledge to every need and concern whilst customising a sports massage that will allow you to optimise your performance potential.

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