Conditioning Your Body Before and After Birthing

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Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates

Pre-natal and post-natal Pilates is an excellent way to help you prepare for natural childbirth and life after pregnancy. Pilates helps to realign and balance the body enabling it to function in a more natural state.

Benefits of Pre-natal and Post-Natal Pilates includes:

  • Pelvic floor awareness and toning.
  • Prevention of common pregnancy problems such as sacroiliac pain, upper and lower back pain, sciatica etc.
  • Strengthening of deep abdominal muscles to provide stability for the pelvis and to endure pregnancy, labor and delivery.
  • Improve the upper body strength and alignment in preparation for breastfeeding and caring for the new infant.
  • Achieve a feeling of well-being and confidence.

The session will be done on all Pilates equipment and props (ball, theraband, Pilates arc, etc). Our aim is to provide a stimulating and challenging class yet staying within safety limits of pregnancy.

For pre-natal Pilates, we recommend that you are least 3 months into your pregnancy and obtain an exercise prescription from your gynaecologist before exercising.

For post-natal Pilates, we recommend that you start your exercise program 3 months after natural delivery or 6 months after c-section delivery.

If you are experiencing pain and any special condition before or after delivery, you should consult our women’s health physiotherapist for pre-natal or post-natal physiotherapy.

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