Strategies to Bring Symmetry Back to Your Spine

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pilates for scoliosis

Pilates for Scoliosis

Pilates for Scoliosis Focuses on Improving Spinal and Postural Asymmetry for Both Adults and Adolescents

Pilates can help positively affect the myriad factors involved with the crooked spine and unbalanced musculature associated with Scoliosis.

It is an exercise method well known for developing body awareness and deep core muscles to support trunk stabilisation. At Core Fitness, we combine the Schroth method principles with Pilates exercises to instruct clients in specific exercises to straighten, centralize and de-rotate the spine with corrective breathing techniques.

We treat adolescent and adult scoliosis cases differently. The main goal of the adolescent scoliosis program is to decelerate the curve of the spine and strengthen the deep spinal muscles to hold the spine center and upright. For the adults, the key is to release muscle and joint tightness, as well as to prevent pain and wear and tear of the joints.

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