Develop Mobility and Suppleness in Muscles and Joints

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Gyrotonic is a unique exercise system that increases flexibility and strength through multi-directional and circular movements.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® was inspired by yoga and developed by professional dancer Juliu Horvath. Holistic in nature, it is a powerful, low impact system of exercise that works to improve strength, flexibility, and agility for everyone, regardless of one’s experience or fitness level.

What you can expect from our Gyrotonic sessions: 

  • Greater mind-body awareness 
  • Increased circulation and cardiovascular stimulation
  • Longer and leaner muscles
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Increased joint and spine mobility 
  • Increased core strength

Differences between Gyrotonic and Pilates

While Gyrotonic classes can be similar to Pilates classes in that both aim to increase flexibility and strength and can both involve equipment, the main difference lies in the focus and the movement experience. 

Pilates focuses on key alignment issues and it makes use of your muscular, skeletal and nervous systems to re-educate movement patterns within the body. GYROTONIC® focuses instead on your muscle, fascia, skeletal and nervous systems as well as your energetic body. This lends a more holistic feel to the practice as the physical is integrated with the emotional and mental.

Movement wise, the movements for Pilates are generally linear or two dimensional and they work on specific muscles with repetition of exercises to achieve the ultimate form. GYROTONIC®, on the other hand, works in circular and spiralling movements so the patterns become multi-directional and three dimensional.

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