Lecia Ang

Lecia Ang
Senior GYROTONIC® and Pilates Instructor

GYROTONIC® Authorised Pre-Trainer
GYROTONIC® Level 1 & 2 Certified
GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Certified
Polestar Pilates Studio Certified
Pilates Method Institute Mat Certified

Lecia teaches GYROTONIC® and Pilates at Core Fitness. She started practicing Pilates in 2000 when she was a student in Australia to alleviate constant lower back pain from scoliosis. After experiencing the benefits of Pilates that helped her develop better body awareness and improved posture, she decided to study the method further and embarked in the Pilates teacher training program in 2008. One year into her Pilates training, she went on to pursue the GYROTONIC® certification upon discovering a deeper sense of body connection and holistic approach to movement through the GYROTONIC® method. She believes that understanding good body awareness and efficient movement patterns helps one balance the physical and mental stresses of daily life, as well as to develop a sense of internal strength and power for the body to heal itself.