Hayson Ho

Hayson Ho
Pilates Instructor

Polestar Pilates Studio Certified
Pre/Post Natal Pilates Specialist Certified, The Centre for Women’s Fitness
Diploma in Nutrition, Wellness and Health Promotion

Hayson was once an enthusiastic sport person and a serious runner. His passion in running and sports ended up with muscle tears and other spine, knee and shoulder injuries. Additionally, he has also developed repetitive stress injuries due to years of hunching over the computer during his corporate days. Determine to overcome the chronic discomfort and pain, he started doing Pilates in 2008. Convinced with the strong rehabilitation foundation of Polestar Pilates method, he began the comprehensive teacher’s training program in 2011, and became fully certified in 2013. Today, Hayson is motivated to share his experience on how developing good body awareness and efficient movement techniques helped him recover from his injuries. He is also a strong believer that a holistic approach to good health consists of a healthy diet, sufficient physical activity and having a well-balanced mind and body. He has completed a specialist Diploma in Nutrition, Wellness and Health Promotion from Singapore Polytechnic and is always encouraging clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.